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Specialist Honda Car Wrecker. Buy Dismantled & Spare Parts for Honda Vehicles In PerthHonda Dismantlers Perth, Wawreckers

We buy Honda cars 1998-2018 for dismantling / wrecking

If your Honda car still works and can be driven, a higher price can be offered compared to a vehicle that is considered as scrap vehicle. If your car is not working, you must consider whether or not it can still be functional after only a road worthy inspections. If you are able to add some inexpensive bodywork on your vehicle, it is possible that the price of your car might increase. This is why you should take good care of your Honda in order to get a better deal.

Nevertheless, consulting a mechanic is always recommended especially if you don’t want to overspend on repairs. You should always consider how much you can get for the car compared to how much you could receive if the vehicle is in a slightly better condition. These things should be taken into account in order to get the best outcome. Ring Honda Dismantlers Perth for free quotation and consultation.

Any Honda models, in working order or broken

Honda Dismantlers Perth, Wawreckers

At Honda Dismantlers Perth we are not fussed about the state of your Honda vehicle, bus, van or ute. As leading car wreckers Perth, we know any Honda that is no longer of any value to you is extremely valuable to us. That’s why we are prepared to reward you with superior service, free pick up and up to $9,000 cash in hand.

List of Honda models that Honda Dismantlers Perth Salvage:

Accord (1976–present), City (1981–present), CR-V (1996–present), Insight (1999-2006, 2010-present), Inspire (1990–present), Jazz (1982–present), Legend (1985–present), Odyssey (1995–present), Pilot (2003–present), Shuttle (1994–present), Amaze (2013-present), Ballade (1980-1991, 2014-present), Civic (1972–present), Clarity (2008-2014 2015), Elysion (2003-present), Fit (2001–present), Mobilio (2001-2008, 2014-present), N-Box Slash (2014-present), Spirior (2008-present), StepWGN (1996–present), Stream (2000–present), Vamos (1970-1973, 1999–present), Zest (2006–present), Freed Spike (2008–present), Grace (2014–present), Hobio (2003–present), HR-V (1999-2005, 2015-present), Jade (2013–present).

Supplying Honda Used  Car Parts:

When it comes to Honda car parts we are your one-stop shop… we have a massive amount (over a 100,000 items) of used Honda parts for all model Honda vehicles available on the Australia market. But that’s not all, we also stock & have access to any new genuine Honda part that you may require and can usually get that part to you within the day.

  • Cuts:  Front Cuts – Nose Cuts –  Rear Cuts – Half Cuts
  • Mechanical Parts:  Engines – Gearboxes Transmission – Diffs .
  • Panels: Guards – Bonnets – Bumpers – Mirrors – Door Handles.
  • Electrical: Stater Motors – Alternators – Switches – Airbags.

Used Mags/tyres & Second hand car batteries

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