How Car Wreckers Deal With Scrap Cars

You might wonder what happens to your scrap car once you have sold it to a car wrecker. For the owners of cars, it is their final goodbye to their vehicle but the journey of the automotive does not end there. Let’s understand what car wreckers do with the scrap cars that they get and why car wrecking is crucial.

What is car wrecking?

Car wrecking is the business that involves dismantling broken, wrecked or decommissioned vehicles. The wrecking team identifies and recovers the still usable parts of the vehicle that can be further sold on. Parts that are not usable like bumper, internal components and wrecked chassis which get damaged beyond repair are sold to scrap metal companies for the purpose of recycling. Instead of leaving old or scrap cars to rust, car wreckers make sure that the vehicle is disposed of effectively and responsibly.

The significance of reusable parts

Dismantled cars are capable of yielding a range of reusable parts. These parts are still of value to somebody else who is looking to purchase spare parts. Dependable car wreckers like car wreckers Perth recycle and re-sell the usable car parts like the following:

  • Mirrors
  • Exhaust system parts
  • Transmission systems
  • Engines and engine parts
  • Alloy wheels
  • Blinkers, headlights and taillights
  • Seats and upholstery
  • Undamaged windshields and windows

How Car Wreckers Deal With Scrap Cars, Wawreckers

The process of car recycling
Car wreckers recycle cars by using a complex process that makes sure that all the usable materials are recycled in an appropriate manner. The process also comprises the safe disposal of fluids and materials that are not suited for recycling or resale.

Car battery
The car wrecking team will remove the battery and reutilize it in case it has enough juice left. Car batteries are the most commonly replaced component. Scrapped cars might have a battery that is still in a healthy condition and this can be useful for other drivers.

Catalytic converter
Catalytic converter accounts for the exhaust emission control device that helps in reducing pollutants from the fumes of a car exhaust. They are utilized in vehicles that are powered by internal combustion engines like diesel and gasoline.

Tyres and wheels
Car wreckers remove tyres and wheels from cars that they scrap. A car that has been scrapped owing to an engine failure or extreme chassis damage might still have moderately new tyres with good amount of life left in them. Wheels and tyres that are second hand are a beneficial and cost-efficient alternative for present car owners. Wreckers remove these components and provide car owners cash for cars services.

Electronic components
Modern cars have a good number of beneficial electronic components that can be tough to replace as they are expensive. Car wreckers remove each of these components including electronic modules, starter motors, entertainment systems and alternators.

Engine and transmission
At times, a car wrecker can remove and reuse whole transmission systems or engines. Relying on the condition of the scrapped car, such big mechanical components still have some value. These components might be sent to a manufacturer or sold straight-up for the purpose of restoration.

Dangerous materials
Car wreckers effectively dismantle cars and carefully dispose of the hazardous materials. The most common kinds of hazardous materials include mercury, screens, hood mounted light switches and high-intensity headlamps. One more toxic material that is commonly present on scrap cars include sodium azide which accounts for a propellant that is utilized in air bags.

Drainage of vehicle fluids
Cars utilize a range of distinct fluids like engine oil, engine coolant, windscreen wiper fluid, air conditioning refrigerant and fuel. Services of car wreckers Perth drain the vehicles of all these vital fluids as part of the dismantling process.

Significance of car wrecking
Car wrecking is an important industry that offers benefits to not only people but also planet. Car wreckers helps in recycling steel which saves natural resources and energy. Recycling steel is a cheaper option and utilizes less amount of energy compared to making new steel. Car wreckers also help in the prevention of large amounts of scrap metal entering landfills and help in their useful recirculation. Wrecking services are beneficial for drivers as the services offer them access to numerous spare parts at discounted prices.