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How Car Wreckers Deal With Scrap Cars

You might wonder what happens to your scrap car once you have sold it to a car wrecker. For the owners of cars, it is their final goodbye to their vehicle but the journey of the automotive does not end there. Let’s understand what car wreckers do with the scrap cars that they get and why car wrecking is crucial.

What is car wrecking?

Car wrecking is the business that involves dismantling broken, wrecked or decommissioned vehicles. The wrecking team identifies and recovers the still usable parts of the vehicle that can be further sold on. Parts that are not usable like bumper, internal components and wrecked chassis which get damaged beyond repair are sold to scrap metal companies for the purpose of recycling. Instead of leaving old or scrap cars to rust, car wreckers make sure that the vehicle is disposed of effectively and responsibly.

The significance of reusable parts

Dismantled cars are capable of yielding a range of reusable parts. These parts are still of value to somebody else who is looking to purchase spare parts. Dependable car wreckers like car wreckers Perth recycle and re-sell the usable car parts like the following:

  • Mirrors
  • Exhaust system parts
  • Transmission systems
  • Engines and engine parts
  • Alloy wheels
  • Blinkers, headlights and taillights
  • Seats and upholstery
  • Undamaged windshields and windows

Toyota Old Car

The process of car recycling
Car wreckers recycle cars by using a complex process that makes sure that all the usable materials are recycled in an appropriate manner. The process also comprises the safe disposal of fluids and materials that are not suited for recycling or resale.

Car battery
The car wrecking team will remove the battery and reutilize it in case it has enough juice left. Car batteries are the most commonly replaced component. Scrapped cars might have a battery that is still in a healthy condition and this can be useful for other drivers.

Catalytic converter
Catalytic converter accounts for the exhaust emission control device that helps in reducing pollutants from the fumes of a car exhaust. They are utilized in vehicles that are powered by internal combustion engines like diesel and gasoline.

Tyres and wheels
Car wreckers remove tyres and wheels from cars that they scrap. A car that has been scrapped owing to an engine failure or extreme chassis damage might still have moderately new tyres with good amount of life left in them. Wheels and tyres that are second hand are a beneficial and cost-efficient alternative for present car owners. Wreckers remove these components and provide car owners cash for cars services.

Electronic components
Modern cars have a good number of beneficial electronic components that can be tough to replace as they are expensive. Car wreckers remove each of these components including electronic modules, starter motors, entertainment systems and alternators.

Engine and transmission
At times, a car wrecker can remove and reuse whole transmission systems or engines. Relying on the condition of the scrapped car, such big mechanical components still have some value. These components might be sent to a manufacturer or sold straight-up for the purpose of restoration.

Dangerous materials
Car wreckers effectively dismantle cars and carefully dispose of the hazardous materials. The most common kinds of hazardous materials include mercury, screens, hood mounted light switches and high-intensity headlamps. One more toxic material that is commonly present on scrap cars include sodium azide which accounts for a propellant that is utilized in air bags.

Drainage of vehicle fluids
Cars utilize a range of distinct fluids like engine oil, engine coolant, windscreen wiper fluid, air conditioning refrigerant and fuel. Services of car wreckers Perth drain the vehicles of all these vital fluids as part of the dismantling process.

Significance of car wrecking
Car wrecking is an important industry that offers benefits to not only people but also planet. Car wreckers helps in recycling steel which saves natural resources and energy. Recycling steel is a cheaper option and utilizes less amount of energy compared to making new steel. Car wreckers also help in the prevention of large amounts of scrap metal entering landfills and help in their useful recirculation. Wrecking services are beneficial for drivers as the services offer them access to numerous spare parts at discounted prices.

How Can You Save Your Old Vehicle From Becoming An Environmental Hazard?

Your wrecked, old, junk, or non-roadworthy car or van can turn into a potential hazard for the environment if it is not removed from the driveway on a prompt basis. A few vehicle owners consider their unwanted vehicle eyesore and if you are also one of them, you need someone to take it away or buy it immediately. Various vehicle owners are unfamiliar that wrecked, damaged, and non-roadworthy vehicles can deteriorate the environment especially when they are lying inside a garage for a long time and produce fluids and gases. Hire the services of car wreckers for removing your old and wrecked vehicle at the earliest.

The car wrecker agencies specialize in towing and recycling cars and trucks that have damaged parts. They employ experienced appraisers who provide cash for cars and other vehicles. Their appraisers always give importance to the inspection of vehicles through which they come to a decision of fixing a specific price. Also, first, they ask vehicle owners to give an accurate description of their vehicles. Removal of scrap and unwanted vehicles on the same day, picking them instantly, wrecking them, and recycling all vehicles are the highlights of the services offered by the teams of car wreckers Perth.

No vehicle owner has to bear the cost of the removal of his old and wrecked vehicle. The car wreckers do it free of cost. The vehicle collection places are chosen by vehicle owners and even if a place is far from the office of car wrecker agencies, they reach there within the shortest period of time. No third party dealer’s or middleman’s involvement is required when car wrecker agencies handle the vehicle removal process. Several vehicle owners meet new buyers, contact ad companies, and get in touch with auction agencies but all of them shatter their hope of getting massive payouts. However, at the end of the removal of the damaged, old, and scrap vehicle done by car wrecker agencies, much-deserved cash is assured for every vehicle owner.


When vehicle owners take a look at their occupied driveway, they often get confused about whether their vehicle should continue lying inside it or they should seek a buyer to collect it at the earliest. The car wrecker agencies give them the right suggestion that is ideal for them. They send their most experienced team for collecting vehicles and before leaving the premises of vehicle owners, the team ensures giving the highest cash. When there are damaged and metal parts that can’t be reused again, the car wreckers separate them and give additional money to vehicle owners. The car wreckers never give less cash so that none of the vehicle owners feels low-balled.

There are car wrecker companies in Perth that are recognized as the leaders in offering top-quality and semi-new parts. So far, thousands of vehicle owners have received parts from them at wholesale prices. The car wreckers deliver all parts at the correct addresses given by vehicle owners. Order placement can be made simpler through the websites of car wreckers as they comprise comprehensive details about the parts they stock, the specifications, and prices. As per their orders, vehicle owners get to know about the delivery date within a matter of minutes as they get rapid notifications from the teams of car wreckers as soon as they receive an order.

Dealing with an inexperienced company can lead to frustration as they not only dispose of your vehicle in an inappropriate way but also won’t give you the cash you demand. Also, there are chances of fake commitments regarding cash from their end. Some of them may violate the environmental safety guidelines approved by the Australian government and will not give you any proof of the safe removal of your vehicle. So, you should avoid all such companies and only find reputed car wreckers that have established a position and name in the wrecker industry. Ford, Alfa Romeo, Subaru, Toyota, Chevrolet, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Acura, Volkswagen, Mazda, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Holden, Kia, Mitsubishi, Mini, and Aston Martin are the vehicles that the car wrecker agencies wreck.

The car wrecker agencies don’t involve vehicle owners in paperwork filing and lengthy inspections. Apart from the phone, there are other sources to contact the teams of car wreckers in Perth. All of them are mentioned on their websites. The knowledgeable team of car wreckers supervises the removal process closely and for them, no car, van, or truck is useless. The car wreckers very well understand that an image or video of a vehicle is not sufficient to judge its actual worth and condition. That’s why the top preference of the team of car wreckers Perth is to visit the site of the vehicle, identify the flaws, check the vehicle overall, and then finalize the price that satisfies the vehicle owner. For you, a quote for your wrecked, old, non-roadworthy, and damaged vehicle is not hard to get. With zero hassle, every vehicle owner can get a quote in a fast manner from the team of car wreckers.


8 Advanced Safety Features Your Car Must Have

The issue of safe driving on the road has become more prominent than ever before. A lot of accidents occur all over the year that could have been prevented if the car had some security systems. However, not everybody owns the latest or the most premium version of a car. It can be well worth the investment to replace one’s old car with a new one by opting for the “cash for cars” exchange deals that so many car wreckers in Perth tend to offer.

If you are not aware, car wreckers are the representatives of car removal agencies who “scrap” and recycle old vehicles and provide top cash to the owners in exchange. Each automobile, no matter how old or worn-out has a great value which is why you should always consult top-notch car wreckers rather than abandoning your clunker in a desolate place or a landfill.

Why Choose WA Wreckers?

WA Wreckers is one such car removal agency that is highly renowned for its exceptional customer service, professionalism, expertise, and top-price quotes. So if you are unsure about how to sell your old car, then you must give this Perth-based car removal agency a call at 08 9452 7997. The best part is that WA Wreckers never discriminates against the age and condition of your vehicle. So make sure that you contact the auto experts of this agency right away to get a free valuation of your scrap car.

8 Advanced Safety Features New Cars Must Have

Many people use the money they make from selling their clunkers towards buying a better car. While some people want more legroom, others want a stellar GPS and sound system. While all of these features are worthwhile, one cannot overlook the importance of safety features that can keep one protected while driving on the road. Having said that, when you do purchase your new car, you must ensure that it has the following 8 advanced safety features:

cash for car

  • Air Bags
    Different types of airbags such as frontal airbags, knee airbags, side airbags (SABs), etc., should be thoroughly equipped in your car. In case of an accident or a collision, these airbags will open up and protect the driver and the passengers from getting hurt. As they protect the head and the chest of those in the car, they are essential when it comes to a vehicle’s safety features.
  • Antilock Brake System
    The ABS or Antilock Brake System enables the car driver to keep control of the steering wheel even while applying brakes. This feature prevents the brakes from jamming or locking, thereby preventing any major or minor road accidents.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    By using a manual gauge, one can check the pressure in the car’s tires. You must ensure that you do so and that the car you are buying has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This system is effective at detecting when the tires’ pressure is low.
  • Smart Headlights
    Smart headlights with adaptive features are a must-have in every car. Since most road accidents occur due to dim light or darkness on the road, these headlights can illuminate one’s path. Furthermore, these adaptive headlights also serve the function of minimizing glare.
  • Breathalysers
    In many commercial and personal vehicles in the USA, as well as, the UK, a breathalyser system has become standardised. This feature ensures that drivers are only able to start the engine after they have passed the breath test. Many road accidents occur due to instances of drunk driving and this feature could be a lifesaver for many drivers.
  • Proximity Sensing
    A highly refined spatial/visual awareness is no longer the prerequisite for driving, thanks to the proximity sensors that modern-age cars come equipped with. This sensor comes in handy when the driver is trying to reverse or park the vehicle. Proximity sensors can let the driver know when they are too close to another car or if the road is clear for reversing one’s car.
  • Drowsiness Alerts
    Ask any driver about the perils of driving at night and they would tell you about the perils of falling asleep while driving. Well, to combat this challenging problem, car manufacturers have started including drowsiness alerts in the car. This feature works by sensing the eye movements of the driver and if any sign of drowsiness is detected, an alarm in the car turns on automatically.
  • Improved Traction Control
    Cars are prone on skidding to slippery surfaces and this becomes a problem on icy roads. However, if your car has good traction control, then it can help you have greater control over your car. This feature was initially present in racing cars, however, nowadays; most high-end cars have a robust traction control system.

Final Thoughts
All in all, the car you buy should not just be budget-friendly since your safety comes first. Investing in a brand new car that has the latest technology is always worth it. If you want to sell your old car to acquire additional funds for your next purchase, then you must head to WA Wreckers, Perth.

This agency offers the highest cash for scrap trucks, SUVs, vans, and cars. You can also contact their highly professional customer representatives by calling at 08 9452 7997 to ask for a price quote for your old car or get answers to any car-related queries that you may have.

How Car Wreckers In Perth Make Old Vehicles’ Removal Uncomplicated and Easy?

Towing or removing a wrecked as well as an old truck or car can be tough for someone who is an owner of the vehicle and doesn’t have knowledge of what tools and techniques can help. The wrecking, dismantling, and recycling of unwanted, over-driven, and non-roadworthy vehicles are the core areas where car wrecker agencies specialize in. An inspection or a thorough scan of a vehicle is necessary before removing it from a yard, garage, or driveway. The qualified appraisers at car wreckers do the inspections and give on-the-spot cash for cars, Jeeps, trucks, vans, and other vehicles that are declared non-roadworthy and unfit for the road.

The vehicle owners should always consult with the team of car wreckers whether they should keep their old and non-roadworthy vehicles inside the garage as some vehicles produce fluids. Removing the fluids is extremely important to safeguard the environment. The vehicle owners usually face so many problems meeting different buyers, convincing them to give them the cash they demand or need. Most of them get disappointed when any buyer rips off with a fraudulent deal that ends up in no cash. When vehicle owners are in touch with car wreckers, they can simplify the removal process without any hassle, stress, and negotiation. Same-day cash for cars Perth, quick removal, prompt dismantling, safe recycling, and free pickups of vehicles are the factors that differentiate car wrecker agencies from ad agencies and auction websites.

No vehicle owner has to contact a donation website when his vehicle is damaged, wrecked, old, over-driven, and scrap. The longer an old or wrecked vehicle is inside a garage, the more it reduces the value of the property. Also, it gathers dust and becomes rusty each new day. The car wreckers have appraisers who set the right cash price according to the condition of the vehicles. Also, over the years, countless wrecker agencies in Perth and surrounding places have started providing a wide array of semi-new, and high-quality parts for diverse makes and models. So, if you are one of the vehicle owners who are looking for second hand tyres perth, bonnets, bumper, electrical parts, engine parts, suspension, airbags, headlights, seat covers, seat belts, and various other parts, you should meet their team. The order placement of all parts and accessories becomes hassle-free through the websites of car wrecker agencies.

The team of car wreckers also gives roadside assistance. So, when any vehicle is stuck in the mid of a night on the road, the team of car wreckers reaches there immediately, takes the vehicle to their wreck yard, and gives cash to the vehicle owner. They have tow trucks specifically to be used for the removal of vehicles that are insurance write-off, worn-out, deregistered, partially broken, fire-affected, and non-roadworthy. If you own an old, wrecked, and damaged vehicle, make sure you aren’t dealing with an unknown person who can be a money-digger. Contrary to this, the car wreckers never ask or demand any money from any of the vehicle owners. Many vehicle owners have a misconception that scrap metal has zero value. However, the car wreckers give them extra money for scrap metal too. When an old vehicle fails to pass the fitness certificate, contacting the nearby car wrecker agency is the best decision.

So far, millions of people living in Perth have appreciated the services of car wreckers as they got cash for cars and other vehicles without making any effort. All of them are highly contented with the services of car wrecker agencies. Also, they received non-obligatory quotes from the team of car wreckers. The team of wreckers gives rough estimates of cash when vehicle owners give them the right description. They keep a close eye on the dismantling process and find out how many parts are completely totalled and will no longer be in use. The car wreckers in Perth and other parts of Australia believe in client satisfaction. They have knowledgeable technicians and appraisers who always understand what vehicle owners are going through and they ensure that the removal of every vehicle is done within minutes of receiving an email or call from vehicle owners.

Exceptional Tips To Turn Car Removal Rockingham Into A Hassle-free Process

Isn’t there any agency that could do a quick inspection of your wrecked, damaged, or old vehicle and give you on-the-spot cash? There are car wrecker agencies that make car removal rockingham a hassle-free and simple process. From the collection of old and damaged vehicles to dismantling and recycling them, everything is free of cost and the vehicle owners needn’t take any stress related to the timely removal of their vehicles as the team of wreckers takes only a few minutes to do all this. Pulling and dragging a vehicle that is unfit for the road can be troublesome at times as some of the vehicles may release hazardous chemicals and fluids. Therefore, the car wreckers in Perth and Rockingham prioritize the removal of such vehicles through heavy-duty trucks.Ford Territory

The car wreckers finalize the cash for wrecked, burnt, partially broken, flood-affected, insurance write-off, and worn-out vehicles through an inspection, and their appraisers decide how much cash should be given. Instant quotes, prompt removals, same day cash, free paperwork, highest payouts, and towing vehicles without any delay are the aspects of the services offered by car wrecker agencies. Their team never denies accepting deregistered cars as well as trucks that have totalled parts. There is no deduction from their end for the price of scrap metal and they offer maximum cash for the scrap metal to vehicle owners. From the driveway to business place, home to the garage, shopping mall to the mid of the road, their team can reach anywhere for collecting vehicles and they always give on-the-spot cash.

For storing vehicles that have no life expectancy left, there are large scrap yards that the car wreckers own. They proffer a gamut of new and used car parts perth wa. The ad agencies and third party dealers don’t give enough cash to vehicle owners. If you own American, European, Asian, Australian, or any other make and model, the team of wreckers will haul it immediately from your garage, yard, and premises. Every vehicle owner can get cash for cars and other vehicles from their team.